Jennifer Kimball


Review of Oh Hear Us in Dirty Linen

Jennifer Kimball is an artist who, for good or ill, has found herself tagged with the "intelligent folk-pop" label. In the case of Kimball's new solo release, it's a good, if a bit limiting, description. Her original lyrics, her quietly understated yet gorgeous voice, and a few well-chosen covers wrapped in thought-provoking arrangements all fit that package. But Kimball is a sight more mature and far less self-absorbed as a singer, lyricist and arranger than many who populate the folk-pop discussion realm. "Last ride Home" looks death in the face, and does not turn away, but sets several aspects of that confrontation to the music with the flavor of a New Orleans funeral march, while "Can't Climb Up" is lighter fare, a road-roots rocker that opens the disc. Hope and that confrontation with the possibility of loss find meeting in an arresting version of the hymn "Eternal Father." Not all the songs as quite as successfully as those three, but it is a strong album and well worth the listenings.

updated: 7 years ago