Jennifer Kimball

jp and vt and rose and rose

JK newsletter 4/26/07

friday 4/27
JP Unplugged
jamaica plain, ma
solo gig!!

saturday 5/5
Hooker-Dunham Theater
Brattleboro, VT
duo gig with Duke Levine

I had a blast earlier this week playing a couple of nights in a row - unheard of!! - almost like touring - save for the fact that both gigs were here in my town. I got to play at the Regattabar in Harvard Sq. - known for jazz and jazzish musics. (say that fast). It was a benefit for Girls LEAP and our little trio felt so musical to me. Thank you Richard and Duke! Only five songs - but for a good cause and what a gorgeous room to play in. Later that evening I went to see Session Americana, the roots roundtable phenomenon also known as DintyRyBillyKimonSeanJim sit around a table at the Lizard Lounge playing music, singing harmony and having a great time. Rose Polenzani, Rose Cousins and I got to sit in and sing together - harmony heaven.

Each Rose has blown my mind recently - each in her own  way. Rose Polenzani writes a song like NO ONE else. Her voice is unmistakable, quirky, pure, so expressive. She croons, roars, whispers - holds the attention of a busy bar. She can put words together like nobody's business. It is all way unusual and way brilliant and way moving to me. I am in awe. And my new friend Rose Cousins will break your heart with almost every song - her voice is simply gorgeous. Warm, generous, perfection without trying. Oooh that makes me mad. Rose P. and I sang harmony with Rose C. at her Passim show a couple of weeks - months? ago. And Miss Cousins did me the HUGE honor of performing one of my songs - a new one called The Reedy River. Wow, it doesn't get much better than that! Go and listen to them on myspace or their very own spaces.

And Session Americana has surely created the most awesome community around it's own communal table. The room is filled at every show with friends, fans and musicians happily soaking up the evenings dose of American music. Waylon knows the lyrics to the title track Beertown by heart. Now that's something - "BEERTOWN - want to drink 'til it hurts my liver, BEERTOWN - want to drown in a puddle of foam...." from a three year old. Fortunately he still likes me to make up songs about big yellow dumptrucks and orange frontloader/backhoes with their stabilizers out.