Jennifer Kimball

Fall 2007

Here in the olfactorily delightful world of Epoisse we're looking forward with great anticipation to the next few performances: first, Oct 25 at ClubPassim with a host of local friends as part of a celebration for a very cool project called ON AND OFF THE AVENUE, a documentary film about music in Cambridge/Somerville. Tim Gearan, Rose Polenzani, Duke Levine, Sean Staples and Anne Heaton are some of the folks involved. Second, a NYC gig on Oct. 27 with Session Americana and Rose - oh, it's been for-evah since a NY music deal for me. So psyched about this one - as I am still aglow from sitting in with SA at the Brattle Theater last week. Unbelievable vibe, great music, sweet musicians- some of whom were not even born when Jonatha and Jennifer were playing those first gigs at the Iron Horse - and here I am speaking of the very talented, very handsome EVERYDAY VISUALS, the very special guests of SA at the Brattle.

OK, and last but not least, I am trying to design something new and fun and perhaps swingish for my November residency at the Lizard with Duke and Kevin. Rose and Kris will probably sing, too. Always a thrill for me.

See you soon I hope,