Jennifer Kimball

Fall 2018 shows

Excited to be playing some local shows this Fall! As some of you may know I had (elective) surgery on my left hand to remove cysts on the tendons which were slowly pulling my fingers into a fist. I did the surgery in early August - and while I'm making progress regaining full motion, P/T (it's actually O/T) is really slow going. There's really no good time to do this surgery. So, after the holidays I'll get back to baritone uke and guitar while I focus on singing this Fall.

Hope you can come out to Ry Cavanaugh's Passim show next weekend, Oct. 13. Rose Polenzani is opening. I get to sing harmony with both.

It is ever so important to VOTE on Tuesday, Nov. 6 - after which you should celebrate the exercizing of your constitutional right by stopping by Toad for the Jenn & Duke early show! I'm excited to give over all the instrumental work to Duke Levine while I sort out how to sing my own songs without playing at the same time.

And Wintery Songs in Eleventy Part Harmony's 2018 shows are only 9 weeks away!

See you out there -