Jennifer Kimball

thank you for supporting SEAN STAPLES and THE VOICE HEALTH INSTITUTE

Thank you everyone who came out to Passim to support Sean Staples and the incredible research and development Dr. Zeitels is doing at The Voice Health Institute for folks who have damaged and/or lost voices... gaaaa, what a beautiful community. What an amazing group of voices. What a gift it is to be able to sing. To have a voice at all. Watching the show last night I was really moved by how unique and individual we all are as singers. How sound is generated by air, how that air resonates and creates the incredible sound which is Kris Delmhorst and Sarah Borges and Mark Erelli and Lori McKenna and Dennis Brennan and Rose Cousins and Brian Webb and Rose Polenzani and Peter Mulvey and Tim Gearan. It was indeed an allstar lineup. We are a hopeless bunch of Sean Staples fans. And it is really something to be part of this community.