Jennifer Kimball

Moock rocks the Guthrie

Alastair Moock is one passionate musician. Wow. Last night's Pastures of Plenty gig with Mark Erelli, Rani Arbo, Paul Kochansky, Elijah Wald and Sandrine Sheon was thrilling, inspiring, beautiful. Rani and I sang Deportees together, and somehow I played Hobo's Lullaby in 3/4 time on the uke! Didn't mean to. But there it was, so I went with it. And I played my first Jonatha Brooke song ever. Can't think of a sweeter more appropriate environment in which to do it. I heard My Sweet and Bitter Bowl, one of Jonatha's songs from her Woody Guthrie record on WUMB couple of weeks ago and was smitten. Amazing how many many many poems Woody wrote - and how many zillions have still not made it into the realm of sound. Rani bravely sang harmony - and Paul Kochansky held it all together on the bass. Moock's version of the 1913 massacre killed everyone. There were tears. And smiles. And singalongs:
"So long, it's been good to know you..."
"Way back yonder in the Indian nation, riding my pony on the reservation..."
"This land is your land"

there were lots...

Hope to see you Dec. 18 at Passim. It's going to be magic. Rose Cousins and Laura Cortese join this year! And the wonderful Valerie Thompson on cello, too!