Jennifer Kimball

Pastures and WinterySongs

11/16 Cambridge, MA Alastair Moock's Pastures of Plenty at Passim
12/18 Cambridge, MA 4th Annual Wintery Songs in Eleventy Part Harmony at Passim

Last weekend's gigs were so much fun! Two nights - and two unbelievable guitar players. Friday - Marc Shulman and I had a reunion in Manhasset, Long Island at this fabulous Unitarian Church gig - first time we'd played together in more than 13-14 years. Silly to have waited so long. And I got to play with Chris Marshak's band for a few of my tunes as well as a Dixie Chicks song. Got me all fired up about them again. And Saturday I played as a duo with Duke Levine, my longtime friend and guitar soulmate. It was a reunion of sorts at the Nameless Cofeehouse in Harvard Square; Jim Infantino, Barbara Kessler, Duke and me and Geoff Bartley &* Howie Tarnower. Really fun. So much joy and trust filling that room.

Two gigs at Passim coming up. I believe Moock's Pastures gig this weekend is sold out. But our Wintery Songs gig isn't yet!
See you out there