Jennifer Kimball

The Kami Lyle Sit-A-While!

The Kami Lyle SitAWhile
Dennis Brennan and I get to be Kami Lyle's special guests for this upcoming Sit-A-While! A Sit-A-While is an evening of great music and a gathering of friends set in a variety of cozy, ocean side settings across Cape Cod. Guests perform 7 of their favorite songs backed by a house band, in a round, with custom musical jingles from sponsors interspersed with stories, skits, visiting neighbors and more great music! The Vineyard's own radio station WMVY promote the shows on their website and broadcasts it in edited form at a later date. Local cable television Live From Center Stage runs the video tape and broadcast. Kami and I each had a ride on the major labels back in the day. She's a beautiful songwriter,singer, piano and  trumpet player.

Stay tuned for jk kickstarter for the new record Avocet coming soon!