Jennifer Kimball

TIX for JAN 24 - 25 cd release shows!

TIX for JAN 24  25 cd release shows

recording Oh Hear Us, Fall 2003

Hi all - welcome to the new website!

First off, YES, you can still order the new cd through us directly and you will recieve Jenn's live cd Assorted Macaroons and Oh Hear Us in the mail. The offer is good until Jan. 24.

There's lots more content for us here at Epoisse to upload onto the new site - but we're really digging the new look. Big thanks to Jim and Catherine Infantino at Slab500! Check out the radio - we've included songs from almost all of Jennifer's projects: Veering, Maybe Baby, Assorted Macaroons, Wayfaring Strangers... and you can listen to 30 second clips of all the new songs on Oh Hear Us.

Order tickets now through for the cd release shows. Come down to the Lizard early and eat dinner and have delightful drinks while you sit and listen to the show. Duke, Kevin, Billy, Richard and Kris Delmhorst will be playing with me - and possibly Ry and Rose Polenzani, too.

Epoisse encourages you to buy the cd through an independent store! Try Newbury Comics in the Boston area! Sadly our in-store is not going to happen - however Duke and I will be on WUMB live at noon on Mon, Jan. 23.

See you soon!
J et al...