Jennifer Kimball

going away to ireland soon...

Zesty arugula and fragrant oregano greetings to everyone on this list! It's been a long time since I wrote something more than a quick list of what local gigs I'm playing. SO here's the news. After a fabulous Sub Rosa next Thurs. Aug. 13 (Lizard, with Rose Polenzani, Rose Cousins, Anne Heaton, Laura Cortese, Billy Beard etc....), the celebration of Rose's wedding that weekend and a final cleanup of our house, we are going away to live in Ireland for the next school year - Sept. 1 to June 1. WHAT? you say. Yes, we're going to rural Co. Donegal to live near dear friends of ours and experience a year of the expat life in Europe. I'm writing/designing/drawing my final project for my landscape design certificate, Waylon's going to irish kindergarden and Ry's going to play music and import french wine and cheese to the Inishowen peninsula.

There are so many new songs! Something happens to me when there are deadlines for other projects - and I sit down and steal a few minutes from myself and play around with ideas which turn into little songlets. It's possible that when we are home for December I will be able to record with the band and make another record/cd sort of thing. Maybe we'll just release songs one at a time on the web. I really don't know. Totally open to suggestions. What I do know is that I will spend minimal effort promoting this project. It's going to have to be word of mouth, internet access only. I'm really not in a position to tour much. And don't have the dough for a big promo push. And besides, my basement is full of boxes of Oh Hear Us. I'm not anxious to manufacture many copies of this new project.

A song cycle of trees and plants continually breezes through my mind. I'd like to make a whole cd of those... We'll see. Perhaps the wild irish landscape will inspire in new directions. Maybe I'll make friends with garageband or even protools. Maybe the next aural Jenn experience will be a dancetechnoemo kind of thing. I don't even know what the kids are calling this kind of music anyway. Suggestions?

I'm grateful for your support over the years. Stay tuned if you're interested in following my somewhat odd journey through songwriting and landscape planning. Or write back to delete yourself from all this JK stuff.

See you on the other side - June in Somerville (with a little detour home in December) - or before that the emerald of eire.

Lizard Lounge, Thurs. Aug. 13
tickets are $10 advance and $12 at the door.