Jennifer Kimball

SEPT 30 Celebration of Voice w/Sean Staples

SEPT 30 Celebration of Voice wSean Staples
A special night - for sure. As many of you know, Sean has had voice troubles for a good two years now. It has been frustrating for him (and for the rest of us who want to hear him sing in the dulcet tones we've come to love). And the journey through different voice doctors and differing diagnoses confusing, if not downright disheartening. Having been through a much smaller vocal ordeal in 1994-5, and having found the highly-esteemed Dr. Steven Zeitels as well, I am deeply sympathetic. How fleeting our health can be. Sept. 30 will be a testament to how much we dig this guy Sean Staples - and a lesson in voices, their timbres, personalities, uniqueness. Hope to see you there -

...and thanks to all who came out to the Maybe Baby/Henry Girls show last week! It was a blast!