Jennifer Kimball

the beginning of a new record!

Don't pass out...  but it's official. Jennifer has started recording JK album #3. YESSSSSSS. Q Division here in Somerville - Billy Conway producing, Kimon Kirk on the bass guitar, Duke Levine on the electric guitar, Dave Flaherty and Alec Spiegelman from Cuddlemagic on drums and saxophones respectively, Kris Delmhorst singing with me. Whole thing was a surprise! Yes, a surprise birthday present from Mr. Ry Cavanaugh - I walked into it completely unrehearsed, unprepared and as a result completely relaxed. Bunch of gigs coming up this Fall as well. See you out there in the three dimensional world.

11/8 Manhasset, LI Soulful Sundown Series
11/9 Cambridge, MA Nameless Coffeehouse All Stars
11/16 Cambridge, MA Pastures of Plenty at Passim
12/18 Cambridge, MA 3rd Annual Wintery Songs in Eleventy Part Harmony at Passim