Jennifer Kimball

Jennifer Duke Sonny, Lilypad 2/18 & 2/25

Friends and fans, I'm delighted to be singing my songs at the Lilypad Inman with Duke Levine and Joe Barbato two Tuesdays coming up:
TUES 2/18
TUES 2/25
doors 7:30pm
music 8pm-9:15pm
$20 no advance tickets

As most of you know it's been dreamy for me let go of playing my own stringed instruments in this trio. The freedom to just sing is a gift and I'm grateful to these two for painting harmonic and rhythmic information with new brushes and different colors. What a joy to feel you can sing more of the nuances because you are in the capable hands of Duke Levine and Joe Barbato. You will of course want to get lost in the incredibly beautiful guitar and accordian stylings of these two masters. Come out to Inman Square where there are fine establishments to eat, drink, dessert or just be merry and we'll give you a respite from the onslaught of 'news.'

Why the opposums? Well, we have here an opposunity for new things to happen.
And we're going to explore some of that opposibility these two Tuesdays.

Did you know that opposums are our only native marsupials? That they are fastidious groomers and eat thousands of ticks in their short lifetimes? That they are unaffected by lyme disease or by snake venom? Unlike racoons and skunks they're nonconfrontational. They really do roll over and play dead as a defense mechanism. Yes, they do. And when they do they can also emit a green, nasty-smelling liquid from their anal glands to deter any danger from sticking around.

Ok ok. TMI. I read about them in Mother Jones. One has to stay connected to a world outside of politics. Why not share this newfound appreciation of these funny creatures with the pointy teeth?

Hope to see you this week or next - or in May when I get to open for and sing with Ry and Duke touring to support Ry's new record of his Dad's songs, Time for This.

JAN 11 Crossroads Coffeehouse, Andover

JAN 11 Crossroads Coffeehouse Andover

Happy New Year everyone!



3. links to shows


JAN 11 Crossroads Coffeehouse, Andover — w/Duke Levine and Sonny Barbato

JAN 14 Lizard Lounge, Cambridge — Session Americana ‘Northeast’ collaboration

FEB 18 Lilypad, Cambridge w/Duke and Sonny

FEB 25 Lilypad, Cambridge w/Duke and Sonny

Thanks to all who came out to Peter Mulvey’s amazing twelve hour benefit show at Passim yesterday. Duke and I were the first guests, relief pitching for about 1/2 hour between noon and one. Followed by Erelli, Staples, Dietrich, Rose, Barry and many more. I don’t think there is anyone equal to the enormous capacity of Mulvey’s musical brain. No one person embodies more melodies, harmonies, chords, lyrics, poems and stories. And generousity. Let's not forget that one. A lot of money was raised for the six organizations he chose.

Happy New Year all — into the third decade of the 20th century we roar. Even while I sew my little Christmas ornaments late into the night on the couch in my little house in Somerville I am feeling that roar. Each felt beet, tomato, carrot and bean hurls me into the great salad of the world. Isn’t that what we are? A gorgeous, home-grown cornucopia of greens tossed about with a myriad of red, fuchsia, white, yellow, orange, green and purple vegetables - each searching for the truth?

I say seek it. Tell it. Shout it.
So many would have us fear those things. Don’t!
Grow your vegetables. Eat your vegetables. Share your vegetables. Make art of your vegetables.

Then make more art. Make love. Promote peaceful thinking, understanding, multi-culturalism, deep breaths. Celebrate being alive. Try not to be afraid. Seek joy. Seek justice, be curious, ask questions. Make community with new friends, old friends, strangers. Yes, but my heart is breaking. The world is full of injustice. Here at our own borders; in our own cities — and far away in war-plagued countries, impoverished nations, lands on fire. I hold all that in my heart but try to keep my needle moving. Keep my eyes from social media — where time floats and I feel ‘left out.' Depressed. Outside. Let me be 'inside' at least in my mind. Let my new song 'Make me a Flower' make me feel better. Make me feel possibility and joy and lift me up out of the dark into the roar.

The roar might seem small now. But let mine rage come the summer. What is more productive in these times than a roaring and productive rage? Let me know your thoughts. Let me know you've read this. Let me know if your email changed - or is about to. My little missives reach only a tiny fraction of your inboxes.

Thank you for your interest. For your support. It matters. It really matters. Photos, stories, video of singing life coming soon. Content. I'm generating content. Be well. Stay awake.

OCT 25 gig: Jennifer, Duke and Sonny TRIO

OCT 25 gig Jennifer Duke and Sonny TRIO

Dear friends/colleagues/fans - I'm writing to let you know that I have a few different kinds of shows coming up:
- singing my own songs with Duke and Sonny at Gail's Rec Room 10/25
- Subrosette @Lizard Lounge 11/20 (guests and them tba)
- a cd release show with Session Americana (11/7 Brooklyn)
- and the Wintery Songs tour!

The last little entourage of monarchs and bees are pollinating away - like there’s no tomorrow. And, actually, well… By the time Duke and Sonny and I play our second ever trio gig, October 25 at the Rec Room, I'd like to think these 80 degree days will be long past and we’ll immerse ourselves in leaves of orangeyellowredgold. And I don't know about your trees, but mine have had a banner year of seed production. Can we talk seed pods? Constant barage of falling conkers from the european horse chestnut. I've been under the tree picking up chestnuts and hit on the back with gnawed-free conkers falling from thirty feet above. Squirrels are really on top of it this year. I'd say in the space of a week every seed has been felled by our resident squirrels. Given their diet, I'm guessing they have a much easier time surviving than the rats and bunnies, who seem to studiously avoid hanging out under the tree's canopy. My fantasy of carrying said chestnuts through audiences of Wintery Songs shows while I sing chestnuts roasting on an open fire may actually come to fruition this year:)

Tickets for 10/25 Rec Room gig in Belmont, MA here

Esteemed spouse, Ry Cavanaugh and the Session Americana crew have just released a beautiful new record called North East with a whole team of local guests. Everyone chose a song written by a New England songwriter. And we spent three days in the studio last Spring recording twenty tunes. CD release shows in September were fabulous - Session Americana plus nine guests! Singing harmony and playing piano on Ry's version of Carly Simon's Coming Around Again was a highlight for me. As well as listening to Ali McGuirk sing Mark Sandman's The Night, Kris Delmhorst's version of Chandler Travis' Air Running Backwards and John Powhida's killer version of Gloria Gaynor's Dim all the Lights! Some sweet reviews including one which singled out my track: Patty Griffin's Goodbye.

Ten weeks until the Wintery Songs shows are upon us. Tickets on sale already for some of them. I read with great interest in the the NYT this week about recent McArthur Award winner Annie Dorsen, who wrote an algorithm for a computer to transform a score from one song into another over the course of about 15 minutes of ‘transition.’ Brilliant! Three singers sightread their way live through the computer's score. Dorsen started with Yesterday and ended with Tomorrow. Cool!! Paul McCartney to Annie. And while I don’t have an algorithm for it I have been fascinated with this very idea - how to write an arrangement that sneaks you surreptitiously from one song into another. In my case it’s been about that old chestnut, The Christmas Song morphing into Away in a Manger? Here Comes Santa Claus? Let It Snow? Love to hear your ideas. Write me. Please incorporate the actual chestnuts into your idea.

cheers, Jennifer

TONIGHT Waltham with Duke Levine AND Joe Barbato

TONIGHT Waltham with Duke Levine AND Joe Barbato
Giving a little boost to this exciting Waltham gig tonight, Thursday.
Only show on the map with BOTH Duke and Sonny.
The Museum is fascinating - and well worth a walk around.

WE start at 8pm and play one set.
Duke plays electric guitar. Sonny plays accordian and piano. I play some guitar and uke.
Thrilling to play with these two.
Show these musicians some love!

Passim show 6.6 with Ry Cavanaugh and Duke is close to sold out.

Subrosette @ Lizard Lounge 6.12 going to be fun, too.

delicious gigs

delicious gigs
Spring is shpringen, dirt is diggen, plants are planten, songs are schingen. Stop me now please.

Yes, it's all happinen.
THREE upcoming shows. Duke is playing two of them:
— 5/23 in Waltham, an evening of my songs played by the great Duke Levine and the great Sonny Barbato
— and 6/6 in Cambridge with Ry, a co-bill where we'll do some sangin together and Duke plays with each of us.
Can't wait to let the songs fly. Fly songs fly.

Third gig is a new version of Subrosa called... wait for it.

Cute. A smaller version of the beautiful chaos of Rose Polenzani's songwriter songswap openmic night.

And if you're inclined to garden - check out a big plant sale fundraiser for COGdesign, the little non-profit I run:
SUN 5/19, 11am-2pm
Pierce House in Lincoln, MA

Happy flying songs and perennial divisions to you.

A few gigs, a little news

Rose Jennifer Kris in the Session session at Q Division

Rose, Jennifer, Kris in the Session session at Q Division

Hello friends & fans. As per usual I begin with something like ‘so excited to play some shows!’ So, here they are and then I'm going to delve a little.

4/18 Portland, ME Flask Lounge
5/23 Waltham, MA Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation w/Duke Levine
6/5 Cambridge, MA Club Passim with Duke Levine, co-bill w/Ry Cavanaugh

As most of you know, two factors are involved in my less-than-satisfyingly-crafted newsletters and lack of new songs; one, the small bandwidth I have left for music after my executive director job is done for the day and two, the slow recovery of flexibility in my left hand from last summer’s surgery. But these are not deal breakers, friends! Music is coming back to me. I am progressing on uke and guitar, but drawn to piano again. Easier to reach all the notes I’m hearing. Small notebooks filling up with words. I’m playing with my friend Duke Levine: he plays, I sing. Duke is reinventing previous interpretations of the songs. It is one of the greatest pleasures of my little musical life to get to sing while Duke plays. And I look forward to wherever it is that this duo is going for the next 30 years. (Yup, we’ll be 86 - and that'll be the new 66 right?).

In the last couple of months I’ve had the pleasure of singing on two really interesting projects. Dramatically different from each other: one, loose and flowy, with a live band. I sang a cover song in a well-equipped studio with a flock of other songwriters around. The other, more form-fitting, created in garageband entirely by one person. I got to sing harmony vocals, background ‘da-ba-dah’ vox and a whole verse without even leaving my own house. Now I will tell you about those experiences.

Session Americana is making a new record called Northeast! They invited a bunch of local songwriters to cover songs written by New England songwriters. I sang Patty Griffin’s “Goodbye.” A spectacular song and a great experience performing it live in the studio. Basically I sang the tune three times. After the first run through we talked for a second about the vibe. About how to make it a little bit more our own. Two more takes and that was it. Kris Delmhorst and Ry, co-producers of this SA project sang some harmony vocals. Done. The record’s called Northeast and features songs by Al Anderson, Mark Sandman, Carly Simon, Jonathan Richman, Bill Morissey, Amy Correia… sung by the likes of Rose Polenzani, Merrie Amsterburg, John Powhida, Ali McGuirk, Dinty Child, Kris D, Jeffrey Foucault, Ry… This is such a cool project - check it out here. And join in the kickstarter so you can keep posted about gigs and other doings.

Recording project #2 happened this weekend. Phil Broikos, friend, lawyer, music fan, Berklee grad, prolific songwriter, garage band expert is on a mission to record 288 original songs reflecting the hours in the day starting at midnight. Each song 5 minutes - 12 on a record. 12 midnight to 12 noon. That’s 24. He’s in Album #2. Got to sing on #1 also.

I am reminded of how like birds we are in this overdub recording process. Darting in and out of the song - view of the forest, then in to trees, then the branches, then a single leaf - to work on this part and that part and then winging back out from that leaf to see the whole forest/song again. The hover of a hawk. This is the big picture.

Starting with the forest view, singing down all my prepared ideas a couple times I always find a few new ones. Cool. Glad those are 'on tape.' I mean 'manifested digitally in color on your screen.' Then I fly down into the detail of one phrase/leaf; singing just the upper half of one melodic phrase isolated from it’s lower notes. Yes, timing, choice of notes - yes, in tune, Ok now the lower part. Same thing. Yes! Fly back up and out to the forest/song view - yes, it’s a cool idea AND it works here AND that performance was good. Let’s finish recording it for that other section of the tune. Fly down, back in.

Now singing a verse - make it up as you go - but I have an idea too. It’s like gliding through the evergreen branches. Now fly over them to the chorus. We're in the deciduous grove now - sing harmony with Phil’s lead. Two ideas: one, sing the words along with him (do I keep that harmony note that’s the 7? Is it too dissonant? We like it. Yes, keeping). The expression - matched to lead voice. Timing, yes, good. Right words (was that a ‘go’ or a ‘yeah’?), check. Two, go hover over the maples and sing a second part on the chorus in longer tones. Maybe record a few parts we could use all at the same time (keep those other notes in your head while you sing the new parts). Yup. Good. Before we know it there are nearly 100 tracks of JK vocals and six hours has flown by. A fantastic recording day - completely different vibe from the Session stuff. Loved them both.

Splendid how you can only know so much about what you think you are going to record. And that when you actually fly in there and sit in that forest on that branch next to that leaf, the whole megillah is completely different than listening and singing along in your car or in your kitchen. No fields or buildings rushing past at 65mph. No familiar faces and treasured bowls sitting on kitchen shelves. Headphones on, mic on, eyes closed, forest light dim but the air crisp. Feels shady but clear. Just right. For this song, in this place at this time.

Thank you for supporting live and recorded music.


Tonight and tomorrow...

Tonight and tomorrow
WED 2.20 Lizard Lounge
Jennifer and Duke duo 10pm
Middle set in the Dennis Brennan show 9pm-midnight

THURS 2.21 Q DIVISION, Davis Square
Special guest singers (including JK) with Session Americana - live recording of new project
Sold out. But there's room for a volunteer or two.

Happy February from appropriately-temperatured Somerville, MA. It's been wintery-cold - the way it's supposed to be, yes? And we're still talking about the weather. Such a charming commonality, this conversation. Sometimes just a 'hello, lovely day!' in passing, often a more in depth effort to understand the wobbly graph of New England temperature this Fall and Winter. Reading Faulkner's Light in August this month - a strange and beautiful contrast to the snow. Long and lush sentences dripping with a Southern heat. I read and reread them as I struggle not to slide into sleep. Love, sex, racism, religion in a rural community. Every tree every house haunted by ending up on the losing side of the war.

But let's talk music! How lucky am I to get to play with Duke Levine? To be able to ask someone to recreate a whole arrangement of a song on the electric guitar, to invent a new way to play it, to try and shake me instead of accompany me. Wicked lucky. The silver lining to my left hand's limited range of motion.

Bring your big ears to the Lizard tonight. If you enjoy watching the transformation of Duke Levine from rocking guitar man in the brilliant Dennis Brennan quintet to moody songscape master HALF as much as I do you'll have an incredibly beautiful evening at the Lizard.

Tomorrow night, Thursday i'll be joining a fantastic band and delightful cast of characters in the making of Session Americana's new record: local songwriter/singers covering New England songwriters. There'll be food, video, and music starting at 8pm w/the full Session band and producer Kris Delmhorst, along with special guests Merrie Amsterburg, Peter Linton, John Powhida, Ali McGuirk, Jeffrey Foucault, Dietrich Strausse, Rose Polenzani... The event is sold out but if you'd like to be there you can write to Session and ask to be one of the volunteers for the eve.

Thank you for supporting live music.

Wintery Songs tour starts SAT DEC 15 in Milton, MA

Good evening - I hope you are snuggled into a warm blanket on the couch and that a sip of mulled cider, tea or cocktail of your liking is within reach while you read a good book, catch up on The New Yorker or just listen to some lovely Decembery music. Naturally, that is where I am - only the couch is new, ‘L-shaped’ and dangerously loungerific, the drink is water and the music is little iPhone holiday song demos coming through headphones while the rest of the fam is ‘doing homework’ or watching Netflix from same couch. I am celebrating this time spent ‘near’ the teenager.

It is time for my annual Wintery Songs tour! Lookout Natick, Belmont, Milton and Cambridge. Here we come with our little glockenspiels and ukes and our kickass stringers&singers - about to turn familiar holiday music on it's head and give it a wee harmonic shake. It's such a whopping joy to spend this time making music with RoseDeniValerieJennaMariel, avoiding the hullabaloo of shopping and the disappointment of seasonally high expectations. Music is our new church. Church happens around the longest day of the year. And I for one want to keep this holy songtime in my annual December rituals.

SO COME ON OUT to experience a show. This musical experience is absolutely transcendent for me. Come experience it for yourself. And tell your friends to come join in the revelry too.

See you out there.

Freesinging with Duke Levine on ELECTION DAY!

Freesinging with Duke Levine on ELECTION DAY
Tomorrow night. AFTER YOU VOTE - stop by Toad for a drink, a hello to friends, a brief flight with us through the new landscape of solo electric guitar and solo voice. We'll welcome everyone to keep an eye on the polls and an ear on us. With the occasional invitation to yell out what the pundits are saying. Come at seven. Music 7:30-9pm. Interruptions with election news encouraged.

Duke and I played together in Peter Mulvey's Lamplighter Sessions last week. That guy - Mulvey - is unstoppable. And what an inspiration. We had a blast in the round - and Duke made all of us sound good. Generous on top of brilliant is that Duke.

And you know what happened when we started to play? I discovered that I felt calm. In the moment. Happy to be able to make some interpretation of my songs happen. Happy to be sharing an 'intheround' with Erelli, Mulvey, and the wonderful Brianna Lane, fellow mid-western touring companion of Peter's. When it was our turn, I tuned in to the sound and the silence. To the breathing and the strings. To the words. I was relaxed! What a pleasure.

What a surprise!
Is that a first for me?
Note to self.
Get relaxed more often.

I don't know where Duke and I are flying - but I'm grateful for the flight.

Please remind everyone you know to vote.
See you at Toad.

News and Fall 2018 shows

Hello all - it's Fall 2018 already! Yes, catching on. Days shorter. Sun lower. Night longer. Gigs coming! Tonight I get to sit in with Session Americana at City Winery in Boston to sing a Lucinda Williams tune. Session is playing the entire 'Lucinda Williams' record of 1988 and the great Andrea Gillis and Jen D'Angora will be joining as well.

My own shows have a new twist this Fall. I'm looking forward to little reinterpretation of the music - as played by my friend and longtime musical comrade Duke Levine. As some of you may know I had elective surgery on my left hand in August to remove cysts on the tendons which were slowly pulling my fingers into a fist. I'm making progress regaining full motion but P/T (it's actually O/T) is slow going. So, my focus will be on singing through December. And I'll make friends with my stringed instruments in January.

Some highlights:
Hope you can come out to Ry Cavanaugh's Passim show next weekend, Oct. 13. Rose Polenzani is opening. I get to sing harmony with both of them.

It is ever so important to VOTE on Tuesday, Nov. 6 - after which can celebrate the exercising of your constitutional right by stopping by Toad for the Jenn & Duke early show and a lovely beverage. I'm excited to give over all the instrumental work to Duke Levine while I sort out how to sing my own songs without playing at the same time. If you want to hear any particular songs now is a good time to let us know.

Wintery Songs in Eleventy Part Harmony's 2018 shows are only 9 weeks away!


All the gigs are here:)

April 8 show in Somerville

April 8 show in Somerville
I would like to write a longer missive and promise to do so soon. But wanted to let everyone know, since these events are rare, that I'm playing a gig Sunday, April 8 around the corner at Aeronaut Brewing Co. This is a co-bill with the wonderful guitarist Lyle Brewer. And I do believe I will have a trio going with Alec Spiegelman and Christopher McDonald and perhaps some special guests singing.

After a lion session on Friday, March is feeling pretty lambie this evening.

Excited to play songs for you soon.


APRIL 7 & 8 SHOWS in Cambridge/Somerville

HALLLO! it's almost April! That means my April SHOWS are upon us! Come to my friends' Jay and Ted's house for an intimate concert on Sat. 4/7 (email me if interested!). Then visit the Pindrop Sessions at Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville for a Jenn co-bill with Lyle Brewer the following night 4/8. Alec Spiegelman (bass clarinet) and Christopher McDonald (piano) join me for both shows!

The days are longer, the snow is melting, the bunnies are lopping and my heart is ready for flowers and leaves and greeeeeeen things! I don't know how to begin to tell you about the other hat I wear most days now: the job I have taken on as executive director of a small non-profit called COGdesign! The Community Outreach Group for Landscape Design provides free landscape design to under-resourced communities in greater Boston by matching landscape designers/architects who work pro bono with community groups who apply to us with projects which need design assistance. I love this work. I was searching for a way to give back. A way to move from affluent neighborhoods into ones which could never afford green space.

Most of my COG time is devoted to raising money in one way or another. And I look forward to sliding into a more graceful synergy with music. At the moment I lurch between songs and plants, songwriting and placemaking, poetry and environmental justice. Fortunately, it turns out that the freelance musician life prepares you rather nicely for the non-profit world!

In the meantime, even as most of my time goes to this new endeavor, I find that I am drawn more than ever to the guitar and the uke - and most importantly - to the rare and divine moments when I get to play with melody and words and chords simultaneously. Those are the magic times. And even though I don't get into that zone very often right now, I know I will again, soon because I am sooooo excited about the possibiities. And I have so many fragments of wordsmusic phraseschords to put together.

Thanks for staying with me.
Hope to see you out there.
Hope those of you who are listening to Avocet are enjoying it!

2.10 Plymouth MA w/Kris Delmhorst!

210 Plymouth MA wKris Delmhorst
Excited to be performing with my dear friend Kris Delmhorst at the Spire Center in Plymouth, MA this weekend! Lately I haven't been playing many gigs and so I am exponentially more thrilled than usual to be doing this one! Will be a delicious night for us (and we hope for you too) of much harmony singing as we perform songs from Avocet and Kris' new album The Wild. And as always, we'll take requests.

Take yourself out for a night of slow music in the company of other humans in a beautiful space!

And if you haven't had a chance to watch the video for Build You a Barn you can here!

Wintery Songs shows tonight and tomorrow!!

So excited to play two more shows with this year's Wintery Songs in Eleventy Part Harmony ladies! Passim shows and one on the Vineyard were SUCH A BLAST of joy and fun for us!!

These are family friendly - and witty, funny and joyful shows. We'd love to see you! Come laugh and sing with us tonight or tomorrow.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah and Happy New Year and Merry Solstice TO ALL!
Wintery Songs shows tonight and tomorrow

Wintery Songs tour coming up!

Wintery Songs tour coming up
Hello everyone - as you may already know I’ve sworn off all holiday-ish stuff before Thanksgiving - in fact I can barely stand Christmas music before the second week of December. Does that make me Grinchy? Possibly. But each passing year brings more commercialism. And the creep of advertising for thing-buying earlier and earlier is, well, creepy. What is a person to do? I think we need a reset on that holiday shopping button.

And so, bucking instinct, I’m writing to let you know that it’s time again for Wintery Songs in Eleventy Part Harmony! This year is our 8th Annual Club Passim performance. And tickets are already selling well especially for the 7:30 show. We are welcoming the great fiddler Mariel Vandersteel to our merry collaborative. Gather a friend or two and come sing with us! You’re bound to hear some familiar reqorkings of holiday tunes - LA FA FA FA FA! - and some new ones as well.

Avocet is out there on the interwebs. You can listen on spotify or pandora, download it from itunes, amazon or bandcamp. Even buy it there if you are so inclined. Checks are rolling in for digital sales - a mighty $137 this week - crushing all previous quarters by a factor of at least 3. I had the privelege of playing all the Avocet songs with Alec Spiegelman and Christopher McDonald on a sunny Sunday afternoon in a Greenpoint, Brooklyn bar a couple weeks ago. What a blast. I also performed in Alec’s October Barbes residency with Maeve Gilchrist and Daniel McDowell. Fun was had by all. Special thanks to a diehard crew of Barbes fans for coming out to that show! Hoping to play more regularly in NYC - and to get out further into New England in the Spring.

Still in love with Mary Burchenal's poem Barn. Still thrilled by Alec's arrangement of Build You a Barn. So proud of Ian Brownell and Maya Mumma's work to create the Build You a Barn video.

Wintery Songs in Eleventy Part Harmony shows, 2017
SUN 12/17 Vineyard Playhouse, Martha's Vineyard, 7:30pm
TUES 12/19 Club Passim, Cambridge 7pm and 9:30pm
THU 12/21 TCAN, Natick 8pm

Video for "Build you a Barn!"

Watch the Barn video HERE.

Greetings from Somerville! The days are cool and lovely and it's hard to believe the summer is almost over. And some are already back in college. I'm beginning to feel the familiar Fall feelings: ready to write in my new notebook, loving the texture of a wool layer, eating a sungold tomato every time I go through the garden, revelling in late summer flowers... Less sunblock, more layers. Mmmmm. Do we even know what effect all that zinc and other junk has on our skin?

So, my friends Ian Brownell and Maya Mumma helped me make this video and I am deeply grateful for all their beautiful ideas. They are both masterful with a camera - Ian and I first met doing those crazy Faith Soloway 'Schlock Operas' (Jesus Has Two Mommies and Miss Folk America) around 2000; and Maya is an award-winning, documentary film editor (most recently for OJ: Made in America). AND she's my sister-in-law! We shot it last summer in Vinalhaven, ME, one of my favorite places in the world.

Thank you for being on this list.
I hope you enjoy the video for Barn - you can watch it here: BARN VIDEO

If you're not connected to my facebook page you might want to join up HERE to get my music posts!

blueberries are ripe

blueberries are ripe
Yes, indeed they are! And we at Avocet summer headquarters (just uphill from the blueberries) are so excited about Will Layman's review in Pop Matters! Hope you will read it online here at POP MATTERS or HERE on our own website. Will is particularly psyched about Dave Flaherty's drumming. As are we!
It’s like Joni Mitchell made a record with A Tribe Called Quest, to our ear.

The other morning as I was drinking my coffee from my tin cup on the porch three deer appeared in the blueberries below: a mom and two fawns. I held my breath, hoping they would stay and I could observe them. But the blueberry patch proved less interesting than it had on their last visit as we'd done a pretty fair job picking the ripe berries the morning before. So off they went, skirting the edge of the bog. And even though they were very close I couldn't hear them move through the trees. I felt guiltry for having robbed them of breakfast. But I know they ate their share of berries as the humans near us seem unaware of the bountiful wild blueberries lurking in the scrub all around.

Unfortunately I also thought of all the ticks getting a lift on those fine deer haunches and hoped that when they swam the channel back that some of those freeloaders would drown. Banner year for Lyme disease. So keep any ticks you pull off yourself or your friends/family so you can get appropriate meds if necessary.

Enough about ticks!

Summer is good for songwriting. So are blueberries.

Milton Arts Center Fri Jun 2 - 7:30 show

Last week's show in Northampton with Rose and Kris was a big old blast. Rose and I recap tomorrow night 6/2 in Milton! Show starts 7:30pm. This configuration Rose opens. And we'll sing with each other all night:)

Happy summer! I'm signing off until the Fall.
Hope you all get to downshift and spend some time at slow speed - noticing. Or wondering - maybe getting yourself into a whole state of wonder. Pure wondering. Like how the heck did we get here to this life (you may ask yourself), to this earth, to this work, to these friends, to this president?!$&',!?.€*^?%!!

Still, there's always a project beckoning... Good to get deep into some of those, too.
Happy projecting and wondering.

THURS 5/25 Northampton, MA w/Rose & Kris

THURS 525 Northampton MA wRose amp Kris
So excited to have an evening of harmony singing with esteemed songwriter/singers, Rose Polenzani and Kris Delmhorst. The show is at Click Workspace and starts at 7pm. Rose and I will split the night with our own songs and sing with each other. Kris will join in singing with us. Just about my favorite thing in the whole world - right up there with chocolate cake, Wendell Berry, wooden boats and Waylon.

The photo is from the Subrosa series couple of years ago at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. Subrosa is Rose's curated show - a kind of singer/songwriter variety show with a full band and an inordinate amount of harmony singing all thrown together in an epic last minute cram. Rose is ringleader. And it is an epic and fantastic evening - always. Here is a subset of the stage - I think we are singing Long Way Home, judging by the capo. You can just see Billy Beard playing drums and that's Dietrich Strausse's trumpet resting on the piano behind us.

See you out there!

Jennifer Kimball and Rose Polenzani
w/special guest Kris Delmhorst

THURS 5/25
9 1/2 Market St.
Northampton, MA

Co-bill with Ana Egge SAT MAY 6

Cobill with Ana Egge SAT MAY 6
Friends! I'm absolutely thrilled to be playing music with Ana Egge this weekend! I've been a fan ever since my friend Rose Polenzani turned me on to Out Past the Lights (2005) and I promptly became obsessed with "Straight to my Head." As in, "the wine you make goes straight to my head." She's a beautiful singer and writer and has forged a path that is distinctly her own all these years - I mean since the 90s when she began sending her songs out in to the world. Rose invited her to stop by the studio and come sing on the record she was making with Session Americana at Hi-n-Dry in 2006 - and when Ana walked in I was sitting on the piano bench with Rose, singing "Song of the Stars." I remember vividly the shiver that went through me. Oh my god - that is ANA EGGE. I can't believe she is going to sing with us!!

It's good to be back in touch with you all. I took a couple weeks off social media while taking care of my recently widowed Dad. (Wait - wouldn't that be 'recently widowered?'). His health was pretty wobbly for a bit there. My brother and I have spent many days with him. And I am grateful that he seems to have pulled him up from a swan dive. Still, one's zest for life has to come from somewhere within. He's getting there. Thank you for your good wishes...

New England is staggering into Spring - one day 80 degrees, the next, 40. Perhaps it's always like this. And every year we collectively gloss over our memories of past Springs and see the new one as dramatically different. This year it feels as if Spring's fickle temperatures mirror the President's tweets and policy flops. Strange. Horrifying politically. Trying not to let myself feel the intense anxiety that his erratic behavior (to put it generously) merits.

And on that note - just started Paul Wohleben's book The Hidden Life of Trees, about the many ways trees communicate. Astounding in itself. And a perfect distraction from the human world. One of the ‘languages’ trees use involves the quick release of a chemical when threatened. For example, when a giraffe starts to eat the leaves of of an acacia tree, the tree emits a chemical that tastes terrible and thegiraffes wander at least 100 ft. away to start munching again. The leaves release a gas which warns other acacias nearby to do the same. Hence the giraffe's long wander. They're used to it. Looking forward to understanding more...


NPR interview with Lisa Mullins WBUR

Friends, I would be remiss if I did not send this along to you. What a gift to get airtime on National Public Radio.
And for you New Yorkers and Philyites -
tonight, THURS 3/23 The Owl Music Parlor, Brooklyn
tomorrow night, FRI 3/24 Burlap and Bean, Phila.

VIDEOS and AVOCET cd release tour dates!

VIDEOS and AVOCET cd release tour dates

Excited to be playing gigs this week!! I’m travelling to a few of my favorite places in New England to play with Alec Spiegelman and Deni Hlavinka! Deni sings like an angel and plays keyboards, Alec will play bass clarinet and keyboard and sing, too. In addition he's opening the shows at Passim and the Owl. You don't want to miss that - Alec is a master of self-deprecating love songs. Delivered with a deadpan comedic face.

And check out the videos if you didn't get a chance to see them through the pledgemusic campaign. Beehive Production shot three videos of Alec, Deni and me in the Somerville Theater playing Saturday Day, All Truth is Bitter and Love & Babies. And my friend Ian Brownell made a really cool music video of Love & Birds. I am embracing the visual with all my heart.

TOUR DATES (as of 3/17)

3/21 Portsmouth, NH Book & Bar

3/22 Cambridge, MA Club Passim

3/23 Brooklyn, NY The Owl Music Parlor

3/24 Phila, PA Burlap & Bean s/f Chris Trapper

4/27 Burlington, VT Light Club Lamp Shop

4/5 Somerville, MA Boston Stands: a Benefit for the ACLU (with a parade of local luminaries)

5/6 Cambridge, MA Sinclair s/f Deb Talan

5/25 Northampton, MA Click

6/2 Milton, MA Milton Center for the Arts

As always, thank you for your support!


Crowdfunding completed - onward we go!

Crowdfunding completed  onward we go

I ask — which is more important the music or the promotion?
The answer — in the real world the bird needs both wings to fly.

Thank you so much for supporting the crowdfunding campaign to send my new album Avocet out into the world! We raised about 13k — about $650 goes to the ACLU, $1950 to pledgemusic and about 10.5k to Avocet. This is such a big help! We wouldn’t have been able to commit to promoting this project without YOU. Thank you again for being part of the Avocet team. I am deeply grateful.

January and February have been busy with radio promotion mailings, booking tour dates, designing posters, sending out press materials, cd package assembly, sorting out digital distribution. The official cd release date is tomorrow, Friday March 3; so if spotify is your thang – well you can add Avocet songs to your playlists tomorrow. If you happen to have tickets to Kris Delmhorst's Passim shows (also tomorrow) I will singing with her and opening the first show!

Can’t believe it’s March already:) We will be sending out pledgemusic packages over the next week. Stay tuned to the website and/or social media for upcoming shows. Hope to see you out there. THANK YOU SO MUCH,

3/5 Cambridge, MA rescheduled private cd release party (people bought pairs of tix/$150 on pledgemusic - email me back if you are interested...)
3/21 Portsmouth, NH Book & Bar
3/22 Cambridge, MA Club Passim
3/23 Brooklyn, NY The Owl Music Parlor
3/24 Phila, PA Burlap and Bean s/f Chris Trapper
4/22 Burlington, VT Light Club Lamp Shop
5/6 Brooklyn, NY House of Love co-bill w/Ana Egge

FEB 11 & 12

Gigs are in the works. Ry Cavanaugh will be joining me for next weekend's private cd release party in Cambridge, Alec Spiegelman will be joining up for the cd release tour which begins March 20. But first, this coming Saturday evening I'm playing my first solo show in ages at the Rose Garden Coffeehouse in Mansfield, MA! It's a lovely venue and a co-bill with the Rose Garden's Songwriter Contest winner Seamus Galligan.

FEB 11 Mansfield, MA Rose Garden Coffeehouse TIX

click to buy tix FROM this page

FEB 12 Cambridge, MA Private CD release party TIX

once on the pledgemusic page either scroll to see the link for tix or go to THE STORE and find it there

Special guest, Ry Cavanaugh at JK's Private CD-release party 2/12

Special guest Ry Cavanaugh at JK039s Private CDrelease party 212
Hi friends — I know you’re bombarded with opinions and news, most of it terrifying, most of it on social media.
So -
just a quick announcement for a fun little show. Tickets are $150/pair including drinks and snacks. It’s in a great little spot in Inman Square. All proceeds go towards the new album — which comes with the tickets. They are only available on pledgemusic. Or you can make an end run around this and write me back requesting one or two tix, pay at the door:)
Esteemed spouse, Ry Cavanaugh is my special guest! You may know him from Session Americana - or from the band we had before that, Maybe Baby. Join us for an evening of Avocet songs, Maybe Baby songs, sparkling water/wine and delicious refreshments in a cozy Cambridge club.

New Pledgemusic video - and THANKS

New Pledgemusic video  and THANKS

Hi friends - so happy to announce that we’re halfway to our financial goal of raising $20,000 on pledgemusic!
You can get Avocet HERE

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has already ordered my new cd Avocet through this crowdfunding campaign. There are a bevy of lovely ‘rewards’ you can get ahold of at pledgemusic also - like:

  • TIX to a private cd release show in Cambridge, MA 2/12

  • CARDS: handmade potato print cards

  • MIX TAPE: my 12-song MIX TAPE of favorite harmony I’ve had the pleasure to sing on other folks’ cds

  • POEMS: autographed books of poetry by two of the poets whose poems I’ve set to music on this record! including our former poet laureate, Billy Collins!
  • HOUSE CONCERT: house concert solo or trio!
  • HARMONY CONSULTATION: one hour harmony consult (you also get the MIX TAPE with this one)
  • ALL the Jennifer Kimball CDS

You can get Avocet HERE

And EVERYONE who pledges gets an instant download of the cd PLUS instant access to a whole bunch of exclusive content like videos and photos and stories about the songs!

Live Video for Saturday Day HERE!

As you all probably know the entire music business has changed so much - and really the only ways to sell your cd are through crowdfunding and at gigs! Yes, there are downloads and yes, you might sell a few physical copies here and there. But basically ALL of us get our music through streaming services for which we pay a small monthly fee. Nearly impossible to get paid anywhere near a real wage for that. Millions of plays on spotify gets you $31.

I’m so proud of this new work. And so excited to get out on the road a bit. The tour is coming together - hoping to see you out there. Write me back and tell me where I should come play near you!!


3/22 Club Passim, Cambridge, MA
3/23 The Owl, Brooklyn, NY
3/24 Burlap & Bean Phila, PA


Thank you for so many orders of the pre-release, limited edition, handmade version of Avocet. We've sold out!
But don't despair - the manufactured version of Avocet, designed and illustrated by my friend Paul Montie is not only beautiful but it's supply NOT limited! We'll ship it to you mid February. Get yours now HERE!

JOIN the party! Crowdfunding IS the bees knees. Crowdfunding is THE MOVE. It's a group THANG. When you pre-order Avocet through pledgemusic you are becoming part of a FABULOUS GROUP of supporters, who by pre-ordering the record are helping to ensure that the songs go further than local radio and clubs! Together you all are funding the creation and the promotion of the record. We'd love to get "Saturday Day" on the radio in your city. So -

Make a pledge today and THREE things will happen:
1. you'll be able to watch a beautifully-edited, live video of "Saturday Day" on the pledgemusic site - as well as see/hear/read all the other exclusive updates that only pledgers have access to
2. you can hear the whole album RIGHT AWAY because you get a digital download of Avocet with every pledge
3. for the next week - EVERYONE who pledges will get a copy of Union Square Somerville Playlist, a compilation cd of songs from artists who live here in Union Sq. Somerville [including me, esteemed spouse Ry Cavanaugh, Dub Apocalypse, Gabrielle Agachiko, Jess Tardy, Audrey Ryan, Libana, the Resophonics, Aurora Birch...] This offer is good through the Women's March on Washington.

AND there are cool 'rewards' to purchase as well; most ONLY AVAILABLE on this pledgemusic campaign like, for example: a book of Billy Collins' poems autographed by the former PLOTUS himself, tix to a private, catered, cd-release party/show in Cambridge 2/12, a harmony lesson by skype or in person, a postcard from me on the road, house concerts, hand-written lyrics, a 12-song compilation cd/download of some favorite songs w/ favorite vocal harmonies I've had the privelage to sing...

Avocet needs your help! Join the pledgemusic party and help us get this piece of work OUT THERE.

See you on tour


Pledgemusic campaign launch for Jennifer's new cd Avocet!

Pledgemusic campaign launch for Jennifer039s new cd Avocet

Hi everyone - I'm so excited to announce the launch of a pledgemusic campaign for my new record Avocet! You can get a handmade, limited edition package of the cd (w/potato print card and booklet!) by DEC 24 if you pledge/pre-order by DEC 10! More about that below. All the big news:

+ LAUNCH of pledgemusic campaign for Avocet
+ Jenn's new website is up and running
+ Jennifer solo gig tonight, Somerville Armory, 8pm
+ Wintery Songs shows are selling out

And the details:
The music biz sure is changing fast. Who knows how musicians will get paid for streaming, or make a fair wage from downloads either. But the fact is we're going all digital - and fast. Thanks to crowdfuding platforms we can play this music game on our own! And one thing you get automatically when you pre-order Avocet on pledgemusic is a digital download of the cd and ACCESS to exclusive updates through the site. These may run the gamut from music videos, and live video, early arrangements of some of the songs, interviews with JK, stories of particular songs, photos, the making of Avocet...

But there is, more importantly, great handmade physical STUFF you can get NOW when you order the cd from pledgemusic! I've been a busy elf: hand-sewn felt ornaments, handwritten lyrics, tix to Wintery Songs shows, autographed copies of Billy Collins' and Mary Burchenal's poetry books, mix tape (cd!) of favorite harmony bits, harmony skype session, house concerts, etc... Decision has been made to manufacture vinyl (those lovely big discs will be available later this Spring). Also we've decided not to engage in any streaming services - or even itunes for a bit. So this pre-order campaign is IT for now. Keeping it home-grown and focused on budget for the moment.

Social media feels incredibly toxic right now and I know how hard it is to get any message of Hope and Joy through when fb feels like a big, deep swamp of untrustworthiness. But I think the music on this record is beautiful and different (and god knows, it’s been TEN years since I released a solo album). Ry made the video for me and chose ‘Barn’ to play throughout because it feels uplifting, nurturing, positive. To me it feels like a big hug. So enjoy watching the video - and spread the word to friends you think might like or need this message right about now.

As always, thanks for being on this list.
Thank you for your support.

PS You can update your email, or a friend to the list by signing up on the home page of the new website.

12/3 Arts at the Armory
Somerville, MA
8pm w/Susan Cattaneo and Nancy Beaudette

12/14-18 Wintery Songs tour